About Our Business
If you read the home page you know that SERVICE is our one word mission
statement. But how do you accomplish that mission?

All to often as simple as the whole concept of shipping is, there seems to be
nothing but chaos. You have enough worries without  getting double speak from
your carrier. So for that reason I demand straight forward communication from my
staff to you. How can you trust me with your freight if you cannot trust what I say?

Second I believe you cannot provide service unless you are sensitive to a
customer's requirements. I'm not  talking about providing you with a truck, anyone
can do that! I'm talking about clear and accurate billing, meeting the demands of
your customers,setting appointments, on time delivery, quick response on claims
and a professional attitude from management to the driver. Because of our
commitment to this philosophy many of our clients view us as a business partner
and not just another trucking company.                                                                               
We want to be your solution not your burden.

Plus you get something else - you get  Landstar. In 2004 Landstar posted sales
of over 2 Billion dollars and was ranked 15th on Forbes magazine's "Platinum 400
List of America's Best Big Companies". Also you get a company committed to
safety. In 2004 Landstar had its first Four Million Mile Safe Driver and had 60 one
million, 6 two million and 2 three Million Mile Safe Drivers. We are all committed to
the following phrase "Safety First."

So take a great truckload carrier and an experienced logistics manager, add to  
the mix competitive pricing for LtL, Inter modal , Containerized Freight World-Wide,
International/Domestic Air and what you get is a great combination.                            
Let us be your one stop shop.

                   Birch Logistics and Landstar a Great Combination!

About Us